Cash Cash's Album Release Party

To celebrate Blood, Sweat, and 3 Years, the newest album from electronic dance music group Cash Cash, Big Beat Records and Atlantic Records partnered to host a killer release party for the trio at Atlantic Record’s office in New York City.

The night started off as a mixer for writers and employees at Atlantic Records, complete with an open bar and a barbecue buffet. There were also lots of opportunities for photos with the Big Beat background and some blow up emojis.

After a fair amount of mingling, drinking, and dining, Cash Cash finally took the stage, playing their new tracks for us to hear.

In no time at all, people were dancing to the beat and singing along to the lyrics, just having a great time. Music has a way of bringing people together, and this came through more than anything at this party, with strangers getting up to dance together, or just fawn over Cash Cash.

Based on the response from the crowd that night, it’s safe to say that Blood, Sweat & 3 Years will be a success. Here’s to Cash Cash and their future in the music industry!

Special thanks to Jordan Fraze for the invite!