Publicolor's 2017 Stir, Splatter and Roll

On May 22nd at the MET pavilion, balloons swayed, paint flew and 1.3 million dollars was raised in the name of education. Publicolor’s annual fundraiser: Stir, Splatter and Roll was a resounding success. Publicolor, as the name implies, is a public foundation aimed at bringing art to NYC public school students. Ruth Lande Shuman founded Publicolor in 1996 with the aim to transform the often dilapidated schools into a haven for arts and creative independence. From this initial program numerous others blossomed to provide multi-year continuous learning for students.

This year’s annual Stir, Splatter + Roll Gala let attendees in on the artistic fun as well! With painting stations set up, guests we’re able to paint with some of the city’s most prominent artists and designers. A silent auction went underway in the background as attendees bid over the work of Christo and Mark di Suvero. The interaction between guest, artist and Publicolor student helped create a truly cooperative and vivid atmosphere.

anniewatt_51962-Bruce, David Melgar, Tom Krismanic, Billy DiMichele, Marlena Deppe, Natasha Franck.jpg

The hum of the event was light and bubbly. Guests with a penchant for fashion and art could be seen stepping softly to the remixed tunes of the DJ set. Almost everyone, smiled, laughed and talked enthusiastically about Publicolor and the programs they were helping support. As best said by a guest “The atmosphere here is truly and beautifully colorful.”

In the end, Publicolor Stir Splatter + Roll Gala raised nearly 1.3 million dollars for its programs this year. Which means that NYC students will get another wonderful year of creative programs and scholarships.

Photos courtesy of Annie Watt