Trademark Burger Launch Party

A homely and economical burger joint has recently sprung into the vibrant neighborhood of SoHo. This new meat destination is called Trademark Burger and located on Thompson Street; it’s intimately small but delightful. Trademark Burger had a Launch party where exclusive guests got to sample Chef Sebastien's complimentary menu. For the past few months the chef/owner of Cocotte and executive chef/ partner of Good Bytes has been quietly working on improving everyone's favorite meal: the burger.

The restaurant only has a handful of seats and is about the size of a NYC studio apartment. With the place being so small, the menu is understandably minuscule.The food tasting sample consisted of mini versions of all of the items on the menu. All of the burgers were juicy and flavorful. The beef was sourced from a Colorado rancher whose cows get to live 34 month long life which doubles the typical 14 months that most cows get. This ensures a tastier and more enriched flavor. 

I was able to grab a seat by the bar and starting tasting some of the shakes. My favorite was the vanilla. 

Menu tasting

Menu tasting

The best part about Trademark burgers is the price. A burger will set you back only 7 dollars, and a hot dog will cost you 4 dollar bills. These prices are nearly unheard of at SoHo, and for the quality of food you are getting in return, this place should definitely be on your radar the next time you're in the area.