Rosewood Theater's Private Preview Party

On the night of October 25th, Rosewood Theater hosted a private sneak preview party to showcase it’s all new “adult playground” before its official opening on October 26th. Rosewood Theater is a modern twist on classic gentleman’s clubs, offering guests various performances, great music, dancing, drinks, and more. Men and women alike can come to Rosewood Theater any given night and have an entirely unique and individualized experience.

Downstairs Bar - By Oleg March_preview.jpeg

At the sneak preview party, guests enjoyed specialty house cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. As people socialized and relaxed around the comfortable leather seating and furniture, two acts were performed. The first was an interactive burlesque tease by a woman dressed in full gentleman’s club attire, and the second was an interpretive dance by a man with shockingly impressive gymnastic abilities. Additionally, guests enjoyed battling one another in games of Prosecco pong over rhythmic music played by the DJ.

Downstairs Interior - by Oleg March_preview.jpeg

Rosewood Theater’s two-floor area, stage, and bar provides guests with a great deal of space to get lost in time. The old-school style chandeliers, dim lighting, and decor of the venue create an atmosphere that is unlike many others that exist today. The enjoyment that guests got out of the preview party was a clear sign of the future success of Rosewood Theater as an adult playground unlike any other.


Photos courtesy of Oleg March


Nura Launch Party

On the evening of Thursday, October 19th, nura, a new cutting-edge Australian headphone company, unveiled its remarkable technology at its launch party at Liberty Hall in the Ace Hotel. The nuraphone is an over-the-ear pair of headphones that is self-learning and adaptable. These headphones adjust to each user’s unique ears, providing a personalized, clear sound.


For the nura launch party, the spacious Liberty Hall was transformed into a modern, technological venue with fluorescent lights, a projected video of a woman enjoying her nuraphones on the wall, and upbeat music. Guests were provided with comfortable seating, an open bar with a specialty drink menu, and savory hors-d’oerves to enjoy while the CEO of nura spoke about the headphones, explaining the brand history and details behind the innovative technology. He outlined key characteristics that differentiate the nuraphone from other headphone models. These include sonic moulding (adaptability), dual layer isolation, wireless connectivity, inova, and deep immersion. Additionally, guests enjoyed a live audiovisual performance at the event by music code designer Felix Faire. Felix played music on his computer system while a graphic screen behind him matched his crafted rhythms and tunes.


After the speeches and performance at the launch party, guests were taken in small groups to a downstairs level in order to experience the nuraphone through personal demos. During this portion of the evening, guests sat around a long table and were provided with headphones synced to iPhones. As the nuraphone adjusted to each user, users were able to experiment with different sounds and select music to listen to via Spotify.


Overall, the nura launch party was an informative and captivating look into what the future of headphones holds.

Photos courtesy of nura




RAND's British Luxury Brunch

Select guests were invited for a private brunch on Saturday, June 10 in Greenwich, CT to showcase the latest models from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and McLaren along with exclusive luxury brands.

RAND Luxury hosted the event in association with Miller Motorcars and Greenwich magazine at a private estate worth 9.75 million dollars. RAND Luxury, based in Manhattan, is known for its “evening of luxury” events during which they support the launches of the newest cars in the industry, complemented by features from upscale brands. Within the last year alone, RAND collaborated with Rolls-Royce, Tesla, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. They have been highlighted in media to the likes of the New York Times, New York Magazine, and CNBC’s show High Net Worth. Everything RAND does is in style, and the brunch held at one of the finest properties in Greenwich was no exception.

Upon entry, guests were welcomed into the spacious 7 bedroom, 10 bathroom home. The property is 14,000 square feet on 16.7 acres of land, featuring a fitness center and multiple lounging areas. After the option of a tour, patrons could exit into the grassy outdoor wonderland of luxury items--champagne, macarons, and barbecue galore.

Over 250 affluent guests attended, including Bradford Rand, President and CEO of RAND Luxury; Trish Kirsch, Publisher of Greenwich Magazine; Jonathan Moffly, President of Moffly Media; Avril Graham, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor of Harpers Bazaar; Tony Mazzulli, Executive Director of KW Commercial; Diana Ji, Founder & Managing Director of Smiles Delivered; Jourdan Sloane, Creative Director of The Limit Does Not Exist; Michelle Ressler, Creative Director of Cremedmichelle; Cassandra Dimico, Content Creator for Dress for Dreams; Natalia Kralia, Manager of FP&A; Rob Love, Founder of Launchpad Worldwide; Owen C. Biglin, Vice President of Corp. FX Product Sales Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Katie Fong, Creative Director & CEO of Katie Fong LLC; and Jennifer D' Antoni, President of NYC Elite Boutique.

RAND Luxury has spent over 12 years working with the world’s most luxurious brands. This brunch featured sponsors from Acker Merrall & Condit, Alec Bradley Cigars, Artis Brush, Betteridge, Bucco Couture, Glenfiddich Scotch, Grandstand Sports and Memorabilia, Honda Aircraft Company, Immotor, In Villas Veritas, J Mendel, Jet Aviation Holdings, Macaron Bites, Miller Motorcars, New York Prime Beef, Parsons Xtreme Golf, Patron, and Stone Farm.

Each brand had a unique exhibit for guests to experience. Besides the open bar that used exclusively high-end liquors, Brandon Everett, creator of Cocktail Drops, provided hand-crafted Patron cocktails that were formed into solid spheres and served in cones. The drops had a smooth, custard-like consistency of which melted in your mouth immediately. Between enjoying those signature cocktails and indulging in fine cuisine, guests were able to take leisure in cleansing their palate with premium cigars. It was truly an experience that could not be matched within the hustle of New York City.

The entire afternoon exuded extravagance, but it wouldn’t have been complete without a fundraiser. The day came to a close with a silent auction. A night with the Giant legend Eli Manning, an in home dinner for 10 by the Chef of Rao’s, and a Villa Lusso getaway to Peruga were just a few of the high-class experiences of up for grabs. All proceeds went to benefit Greenwich Hospital and RAND Luxury’s next big summer soiree, Under the Stars, featuring Gavin DeGraw.

The estate is available for acquisition by The Stevens Kencel Group. Private tours are available through Jim Hoffman at 203-517-8105 or