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Just Food G.A.L.A.

Welcome to the Just Food G.A.L.A.

This is not your average big-ticket, big-name fundraiser “gala." This is a kind of anti-gala. Our kind of G.A.L.A.: a gathering to activateliberate, and appreciate; that aims to both build community and raise money to support Just Food’s ongoing work in pursuit of a more equitable food system.


What does "local" mean in New York City? To us, it means what exists here and now, while also carrying the spirit of far away and long ago. It means stories of migration and diaspora. It means honoring long-held traditions, even as we reinterpret and recreate them on our path towards liberation. It means centering the historically marginalized communities that built our city into what it is today. Our "local" is full of paradoxes and complexity, and that's what makes it special.

At the Just Food G.A.L.A., you will get to experience the work of over 30 chefs and culinary artists who use food as a medium to explore these themes. We’re honored to be highlighting more than 30 queer, of color and ally chefs, culinary artists, and good food businesses we love, many working outside and around the traditional restaurant system. These are folks inspired by locality and seasonality, who are engaged in transformative work in their communities through food; and who are making some of the most delicious, thought-provoking food and drink in New York City.

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