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Rooftop Films | No Escape: Uncanny Mindbenders

The eternal return of our short film collection of eerie existential thrillers.

Date: Friday, May 25th
Venue: Old American Can Factory
Address: 232 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

8:00PM: Doors Open
8:30PM: Live Music
9:00PM: Films Begin
10:30PM: After-party Sponsored by Ketel One Family Made Vodka and Fever-Tree

No Escape: Uncanny Mindbenders

Calling all foley artists, lizard lovers, and disturbed comedians! It's time for our annual Trapped program, host to short films most bizarre and disquieting. These are animations of girls who lose something they can’t remember; documentaries about the steely gaze and distant reserve of drone pilots; and tragic fantasies about the father of alternating current and his pigeon, all of which ask questions you probably haven’t considered before: Have you ever stepped on an anthill and not given it a second thought? Will the sound of the foley artist be heard? Is it a nervous breakdown or the best set of your life? These are cinematic spectacles you won’t soon forget.

You must be 21+ to attend the after party.