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The 7th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo

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At the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, spicy food enthusiasts can try unlimited samples from over 50 handpicked artisanal craft hot sauce makers from around the globe! Showcases and competitions will take place throughout each day on the ’Stage of Doom’, including the Guinness Book of Records Carolina Reaper Pepper Eating Contest ($1000 Grand Prize for broken record). The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper on earth, and the competitors mean business - You can get an inside look at the contest via NowThis here:

Other highlights include:
- Chihuahua Beauty Pageant
- The 2019 Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
- High River Sauces Slaytanic Burrito Challenge
- Volcanic Peppers Spicy Pizza of DOOM Challenge
- Culley’s Worlds Hottest Ramen Challenge
- Booze & Infuse Cocktail Competition (National Championship - $5,000 Grand PrizeEvent Details:

The 7th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo

DATE: Saturday April 13th & Sunday April 14th 

VENUE: Brooklyn Expo Center | 79 Franklin St. | Brooklyn, NY 11222


GA - $10 | Lagunitas Craft Beer & BBQ Platter - $50 | VIP Ticket: $100

TIME: 10 AM - 6 PM