Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe Preview

Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe Preview

The first official day of summer marks the debuts of Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe’s new menu, an intimate East Village hideaway.

With a family restaurant background that spans several decades, owners and industry legacy Anthony DeGrezia and his fiancé Saje Dyer, daughter of the famed motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer, preview DeGrezia’s family recipes with a Lower East Side twist.

“I’ve always been in the business, grew up with it, always worked in it. So it just got to a point where it was a right place, right time,” said DeGrezia.

Dishes like the decadent Truffle Money Bags and Rolling with the Eggplant curated by long-time chef and family friend, Massimo Felici, will have the neighborhood and taste buds alike buzzing with intrigue.

The inviting atmosphere and mellow backdrop music paired with Northern and Southern Italian eats makes you feel right at home and amongst friends.

“We wanted to fit into the casual vibe of the East Village, but still provide high-end authentic Italian food. So we thought, let’s give them names that sound a little more approachable and fun,” mentioned Dyer.

Smoky Elixir.JPG

Cocktails such as the subtle Smoky Elixir, a habanero-infused Mezcal with blood orange juice and cherry liqueur, and the thirst-quenching Muddler, vodka meets prosecco muddled with mint, basil, and strawberries, are next level and perfectly marry with the eclectic dishes.

Muddler -1.JPG

DeGrezia and Dyer have successfully navigated multiple feats within the past few months, including planning a destination wedding in Hawaii for July.


“We have chosen different roles and stuck with them. He is here night and day. 16 hours a day. Open to close. I come in and help when it is open. And then I take care of the things I can at home. I’m doing the bookkeeping. Doing all the paperwork that’s involved. So just taking different roles and sticking with it,” reiterated Dyer.

“I give her all the credit for the wedding planning,” chimed DeGrezia.

Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe is located at 345 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003.

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