Luckyrice 2017

Luckyrice 2017


On September 22, 2017, on 36th floor of the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental, LUCKYRICE hosted its eighth annual New York Feast.

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Created by Danielle Chang in 2010, LUCKYRICE is a platform that supports Asian cuisine and culture by showcasing the Asian influenced work of top chefs, mixologists, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

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On Friday, however, the focus was on the food. This year’s samplings included a tasty duck confit from Osamil, a new brunch spot in Koreatown; butter chicken from the contemporary Indian restaurant Badshah; and jianbing from none other than the legendary Mr. Bing.

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For dessert, guests were treated to an assortment of mooncakes and sponge cakes; thai ice cream rolls from 10Below Ice Cream; and, for the bravehearted, a grasshopper panna cotta from the Black Ant.

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The event also featured an American Express lounge, where guests could take funky pictures and spin a “Wheel of Fortune” to win prizes. This writer managed to take home a copy of Danielle Chang’s book Lucky Rice: Stories and Recipes from Night Markets, Feasts, and Family Tables, which features some of the best dishes Chang has collected since beginning LUCKYRICE.

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Since it’s inception, LUCKYRICE has sponsored cocktail parties, homey dinner feasts and wine tastings all over the country, managing to gain the support of culinary stars such as Anita Lo, Daniel Boulud, and Marcus Samuelsson along the way. It’s a platform that is continuing to expand and grow, and one that will no doubt prove an incredible influence in changing the context in which we view Asian cuisine -- from a cheap commodity to a product of thousands of years of history and tradition.

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Learn more about LUCKYRICE on their website, and be sure to check out their show LUCKY CHOW, which airs on PBS.

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