Fearless Jewelry

Fearless Jewelry

Unique New York jewelry brand ‘Fearless’ launches to boost gender equality and women empowerment globally

New, NY jewelry brand Fearless summons all women out there to join it in its mission to fast forward gender equality and empower women.

A new jewelry brand was recently launched in NY with a mission to fast forward gender equality and boost women’s empowerment both locally and globally. Aptly titled as “Fearless AF”, the promising brand champions the inner hero in every woman.


Fearless was officially launched in October, 2017. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online jewelry store Fearless AF. Our mission is to shatter the glass ceiling that prevents women to explore their full potential and make their stand. We want to build a world that fosters a culture of gender equality and empowers all people, but especially women, to ensure a true egalitarian society of the future”, stated Anna Hunter, founder of Fearless.

The new online jewelry brand has an exclusive and unique collection including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Each of the pieces sport meaningful and inspiring messages of women’s empowerment — such as ‘I am enough’, ‘Believe in the beauty of your dreams’, or ‘The future is female’.  


Most importantly, all the items carry the FF170 engraving which represents Fearless’ vision to fast forward the 170 year estimated timeline to reach global gender equality per World Economic Forum.

Anna believes that the gender gap can be closed much quicker than the predicted 170 years if women all over the world join hands to work towards an equal society. Her new jewelry store is launched with the vision to help give visibility to the gender equality movement.

In order to jump-start the Fast Forward movement, Fearless will donate 10% of net profits to high impact charities dedicated to the empowerment of women and young girls.

“At Fearless, we believe in the ethos of giving back. We are guided by five main objectives- raise awareness; take personal responsibility to promote women empowerment & gender equality; foster authenticity; freedom of self-expression and stand up for what’s right “, Anna Hunter explained.

Fearless is also working on a new Braille collection for women with special needs.

“We are here to create a line to empower all women to feel strong & fearless.”

For more information, visit www.fearless.af

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