Bagatelle Summer Dinner

Bagatelle Summer Dinner


Bagatelle, it's not just for brunch anymore! The place that is the staple for upscale, club like brunch parties is also expanding their new dinner menu!

I was lucky enough to be invited to try their swanky new summer dinner menu last friday, and was blown away. This is where you want to bring someone you're trying to impress. Come dressed in your best -- there are some beautiful people in this place, ready to turn all the way up! Also, try sit close by to the tables next to you so that everyone can talk and get engaged!

The décor is elegant and romantic yet, it has a quirky vibe with interesting artwork adorning each wall. I especially enjoyed the Keith Haring inspired statues and the gorgeous chandeliers. However, everything became a bit of a blur once we had our 4th drink.


I must note that the service and attention to detail at Bagatelle is exceptional from the moment you walk in. While Bagatelle has always been well known for their fantastic service, the reality went beyond my expectation. That's before I even had a bite to eat.

Our server was very attentive and super pleasant. He answered all my oddball questions and made accommodation for my friend who couldn’t have any vinegar in any of her dishes.

As for the food, every single thing that came onto our plate was nothing short of excellent. We had quite an array of options that night, starting off with a refreshing appetizer called Salade de Pastque, which was watermelon salad, cucumber, candied pine nuts, ricotta salata, and basil vinaigrette (no vinegar for my friend’s dish – of course). I can honestly say it was the first time I ever had cheese with my watermelon. It would have never have occurred to me to even combine those two things but it was so good and I loved it! The dish really cleansed our palate, and got us ready for the rest of the plates.


The second course was Couteaux de Mer, which was a razor clam ceviche with piquillo pepper relish, and green garlic aioli. Every bite of this, was crunchy deliciousness. The third course was burrata filled with nanyuks vinaigrette and puffed barley.


For the main entrée we had two options. It was either the Cotelettes d’Agneau, which was a spiced marinated lamb chop with fava beans and harissa, or St Jacques Snackees, which was seared Maine diver scallops with bacon and green pea espum. With both choices sounding so delicious, we naturally got one of each to satisfy our curiosity.


And of course it’s impossible to forget the dessert we were served:  A champagne mango flavored Pavlova, which capped off what I'd consider a perfect meal.


When I say I've never been fuller in my entire life, I mean it. Every component of my dining experience was delightful. The quality of the food, the stellar service, the club-like ambiance and the phenomenal company. My compliments to the staff and chef Andrew Riccatelli. It's truly a meal I'll never forget.

Would I go back to for more? Absolutely!



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