Interview with Melissa Stephens, creator of "Finding the Asshole."

Interview with Melissa Stephens, creator of "Finding the Asshole."


The past few years have been...strange. More and more, it seems that the world is just filled with assholes: big assholes, small assholes, tall assholes and tiny assholes. In fact, don’t be surprised if everyone you know -- including yourself -- is actually a bona fide asshole. It’s a theory explored in the short film series “Finding the Asshole” created by Melissa Stephens, who was nice enough to answer some questions about the conception and creation of her project.


1. What was the inspiration behind Finding the Asshole? Did you draw from any specific real life incidents? The inspiration behind Finding The Asshole is probably my and Tom's frustrations with being a human being in the world. It is definitely based off of real life incidents.

2. What did you find to be the most difficult part of production?

Shooting under time constraints with no money….as you do as a indie filmmaker.  

Finding The Asshole Still 1.jpg

3. Which of the three chapters is your favorite, and why?

Chapter One - I love because it came out almost exactly as I had imagined in my head and as a director one shots are my favorite.

Chapter Two - the color palette and costume design are so on point. They elevate the piece and the production. Also it's one of my biggest pet peeves when walking on the sidewalk.

Chapter Three - as a filmmaker was such an undertaking and I am very proud of the finished product and how many things are going on at once and the layers of darkness and comedy. I'm pretty stoked there is a dildo scene with a woman giving it to a man and the dance battle is so good.

I couldn't pick one... sorry. I'm an asshole.

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4. What is one thing (although feel free to share more) that you want people to experience while watching your series? Are there certain emotions or realizations you want them to take away from your piece?  

You know when it's really late at night and you know you have to be up in the morning but you have some episodes to still watch of your favorite show? It’s the feeling you get when you decide to watch another episode. I want people to feel that...excitement laced with dread. Or uncomfortable joy -- or one of my favorite new sayings: Bats in the Belfry. I don't want people to take away realizations as much as I want people to say... “Yes, this happens to me all the time.” I want to validate the Asshole part of everyone.

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Finding the Asshole is out now! Catch it here:

Destinations in Paradise

Destinations in Paradise