Dancing the light away -  Sunset Salsa

Dancing the light away - Sunset Salsa

On Tuesday, the 20th of August, covered in the warmth of the last sun rays of the day, many Hudson River Park visitors stumbled upon quite an unusual scene: Every Tuesday evening, the park is swamped with hundreds of people dancing Salsa.


 But as usual in this city, it is best to always expect the unexpected. This observation was also inspiration for the founder of the weekly free Salsa classes, Talia Castro-Pozo. Ten years ago, she decided to give the city something it already has but not always displays: diversity.


The weekly Salsa sessions, that are not only limited to Hudson River Park but happening all across NYC, are intended to make Latin culture more visible. Together with co-host Edwin, Talia invites people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate life at these sessions. 

And every Tuesday, she succeeds. Not only is the event always in high demand, people also really seemed to openly enjoy themselves and let go of some of the day’s troubles with their evening moves. 


Located right next to our beautiful skyline, the park was filled with laughter, joy and togetherness. People met, mingled and mixed dance partners as freely as it rarely happens in this busy city. Wall Street brokers danced with street artists, Republicans with Democrats and even the few grumpy people were soon swayed by the energy of the many children running around or dancing.

 This observation is also the core of these events: joy, family and togetherness. Every summerly Tuesday, Hudson River Park provides an inclusive space that is vividly vibrant from its positive energy. Thanks to Edwin and Talia’s patient teachings and motivation, even beginners are able to discover their new passion for the traditional Latin dance.

But even if you are more of a savorer of the good and effortless things in life, the friendly staff of the conveniently located Beer Tent is always happy to help out. Just like the Salsa class, they are there every Tuesday evening to provide some sparkling energy after an exhausting but certainly worthy evening of Salsa.


Unfortunately, there is one small twist with the event: next week is the last Salsa session for this year at this location. If you don’t want to miss your last chance to join this or other events in this spirit, check out https://www.facebook.com/SunsetSalsaNYC/ for more information.


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